The SpiritSings Mission:

To inspire and call forth the singing Heart.

To provide an ever evolving collection of heart centered chants, songs and mantra invoking the joy, love and unity of our Divine nature.

To facilitate transformational, heart centered group singing events as a blessing for all beings.

The Healing, Elevating Power of Invocational Singing

It’s been our experience that whatever we speak or sing with feeling is the reality we invoke. Our Word is a key aspect of our creative power. Inspirational, invocational song and chant is one of the most direct and joyful means of aligning with our Source and optimum reality. We can sing our hearts open to the joy, peace and love that we already are and anchor this vibration in our world. Singing becomes a sacred, creative act that can cleanse and illuminate the subconscious and fill us with the palpable bliss of Presence.

Coming Together As One Voice

Studies have shown that community singing releases endorphins, giving rise to feelings of pleasure, connection and well being. From an energetic perspective, our energy fields move into harmonious resonance while singing with others. The personal and collective benefits can greatly amplify when we sing from the heart with divine intent. Feelings of separation fall away and we can feel our true unity in Spirit. Meeting regularly to sing and chant builds and sustains the uplifting benefits, providing powerful vibrational medicine as we sing and embody the Divine.

What If We Believe We Can’t Sing? Is Singing For Everyone?

Although singing and musicality is often thought to be the domain of a talented few, most of us can sing, however much we might protest. We may feel shy about singing around others due to childhood experiences or simply deciding our voice wasn’t good enough. Yet when we can abandon our self censoring thoughts and give ourselves permission to sing out in supportive community, we set our spirits free and inspire others to openly express as well! The timeless call to come together in song seems intrinsic to our humanity. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years! Singing is a birthright of every heart.

Co-Singing Heaven On Earth

Whenever you sing, we invite you to sing from your Heart. That’s where the magic is! Whether you’re attending a live SpiritSings Soul Chant or singing along with one of the SpirtiSings albums, allow yourself to feel what the song invokes through and as you. Let the energy light up your heart and inspire your felt sense of your True Divine nature and the Life and Love you deserve. As you sing, you will be helping to co-create heaven on earth.